It all started as a boy.  The basic decorating, my sister & I were the official "bulb checkers".

 Using the old basic C7 bulbs.  To check the bulb they could be quickly fixed by flicking

them, I swear by the end of the season the tree was so dry from the heat of all of those

bulbs.  Then watching the front porch be decorated in basic lights.  

A few years later technology had evolved and the mini "Chasing" lights were introduced.  And I was hooked.  Seems funny a 10 year old kid would ask for Christmas Lights for Christmas, but I was hooked.  Over that year we had a new family computer and a "fancy" dot matrix printer.... My mind went to work & told my father I had entered the house in a Xmas light competition at CVS.  I don't know if he believed me or not, but he played along.  He called my grandfather & that week we raided his attic.  BOXES of the C9 bulbs, almost certain to blow a breaker at 5 watts a bulb.  Needless to say, he never heard anything in regards to the "contest", maybe it was a way to justify spending the $ to Mom.  But each year I would get off the bus and randomly there would be boxes of light strings or decorations just waiting.

Throughout the years, the invention of icicle lights, twinkle bulbs, net lights, made the way into the mix.  I would get a rush when people would slow down and look at the lights.  I remember myself, when I first got a license, I would just drive to try to find light displays for ideas, etc.  But we all grow up and get caught up in this fast paced world & off to college I went.  

But once I had my children I knew I wanted to dazzle them the way I was.  So I made a major purchase in LED technology.  Needless to say it was a purchase too early as they had just hit the market and needed to work the bugs out.  But each season more bulbs, more ideas.  See the trick is to swipe up AS MUCH AS YOU CAN, the day after Christmas.  We currently plan out the show a year before to help budget and take advantage of sales.  

As technology increased I was dazzled by the "Syncro" lights to music.  Upon looking at the prices I nearly had a heart attack.  But the invention of the internet had turned me onto a Mr. Christmas light show

only 6 channels to "MIDI" style music but I was impressed & hooked.  We had used that for 2 years.  Problem was the music was not loud enough for the drivers.  So the next year we invested into Light-O-Rama.  I wanted to make a significant purchase and turn it into a charity drive.  As I had lost my mother to ALS, we decided that would be our "prototype".  We were lucky that society was hooked to the ice-bucket challenge.  Between online donations & local donations we were able to raise almost 3k.  This was my fuel and motivation.  To see a child's eyes light up with joy!  What Christmas was meant to be, to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life, when we live in such a fast paced world.  We wanted to continue the charity work and keeping the Christmas traditions together, as we enjoy donating the monies to children's charities.The next year we had added 20,000 lights and Flamethrowers, our Charity that year was Big Brothers / Big Sisters of the Bridge.  As we didn't have the nationwide backing of the ice bucket challenge, we were able to raise 1k for them, and year after year.  The show grows bigger and bigger!

To date we have raised over $19,000 towards: ALS, Boys & Girls Club, Big Brother Big Sister, United Way & American Red Cross!

This year & moving forward we have decided to keep the contributions local to help benefit locals in need, along with 172,596 lights!  So we are partnering up with Pocono Mountains United Way for 2021-2022 season.  We look forward to seeing you there!!!


More than a passion.....


9 Years Strong