1. Are there bathrooms at the show?
Due to COVID-19 Restrictions there will not be any portable toilets this year..

2. Will the show be rescheduled if it is raining or snowing?
The show will run during snow.  Rain on the other hand sometimes will shut the server down.  If the show is shutdown for any reason, we will post on Facebook.  

3. I would like to sponsor or advertise, who do I contact?
Please email: belvin.jerrod@gmail.com

4. Is there food and drink at the show?
Due to CDC COVID-19 Restrictions there will not be any refreshments given out this year.

5. What charity does the show support?
Belvin Christmas supports Pocono Mountains United Way through donations at the show.

6. How much does the show cost?
The show is free, but we kindly ask for donations to benefit Pocono Mountains United Way. We suggest a donation of $25 for a family of 4 or $10 for individual adults and couples.

7. How Long is the Show?

The show is about 45 minutes long, you can get out and mingle, enjoy the "Warming Stations" or Snap a Pic and tag us #belvinchristmas or facebook.com/belvinchristmas


Follow these simple steps to ensure that you & others have a safe and memorable experience.

1. Only park in designated areas, please do NOT park in ANY neighbors driveway!
2. Always turn headlights off.
3. Keep radio volume to a listening level & TUNE TO 89.9 FM!
4. Never walk in the display area.  For your safety, we take this very serious.  One trip-up and the show could go off.
5. Littering is unacceptable.  Take your trash with you and/or discard it in a proper container.- We spend hours every year, as we Adopt-A-Highway for Cherry Lane Road.
6. It's a "Park-n-Watch" type of show.
7. The show is "Free" to everyone, but please consider making a donation as 100% of all proceeds go to Pocono Mountains United Way!
8. Click on Contact us for a map!

Keep Christ in CHRISTmas